How can MyImageGPT simplify the design of training materials ?

In the field of training and skills development, creating optimised and effective teaching materials is a major challenge. Designing these tools for transmitting knowledge requires an investment in time and resources. However, an innovative solution has emerged to make this task easier: MyImageGPT. Here's how it simplifies life for trainers.

MyImageGPT, an ally of choice for trainers

MyImageGPT is an artificial intelligence platform that generates high-quality images from simple text descriptions. This revolutionary tool offers trainers a quick and easy way to create unique visual aids tailored to their teaching needs.

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Tailor-made media customisation

Thanks to Image GPT online, trainers can design visuals that faithfully reflect the spirit of their training. Whether the aim is to convey a message of dynamism, serenity or innovation, the AI tool will be able to translate your teaching intentions visually. The images generated will be perfectly aligned with the content and style of the course.

Clarifying complex concepts

One of the main challenges for trainers is to explain complex concepts simply and clearly. MyImageGPT is an ideal ally when it comes to illustrating these concepts in a remarkable way. Whether it's to represent processes, figures or theoretical models, the images created will provide an unparalleled visual dimension to help learners understand.

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Creating media suitable for everyone

The accessibility of training content is a key issue. Thanks to MyImageGPT, trainers can generate images tailored to the specific needs of their audience, particularly the visually impaired. In this way, the materials will be truly inclusive, offering an enriching learning experience for all.

Increased productivity for trainers

No more long hours spent manually designing visual aids, MyImageGPT saves trainers precious time. The AI tool takes care of creating the images, leaving training professionals more room to concentrate on developing content and running their sessions.

Thanks to MyImageGPT, trainers now have a major ally when it comes to designing teaching materials that are memorable, effective and accessible to all. Exploit the full potential of this revolutionary tool to turn your training courses into unforgettable learning experiences!

How is visual support created with MyImageGPT?

MyImageGPT uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to generate visual aids from text. The process takes place in several stages.

1. Analysis of the descriptive text

When a trainer enters a descriptive text into MyImageGPT, the tool analyses the text in depth to understand its meaning and nuances. It identifies key words, key concepts, concrete examples and the relationships between the various elements of the text.

2. Preliminary image generation

Based on its analysis of the text, MyImageGPT generates a series of preliminary images. These images are generally abstract representations of key concepts in the text. The tool uses a variety of machine learning techniques to generate these images, including image recognition, natural language processing and image generation.

3. Image selection and filtering

MyImageGPT then uses a selection algorithm to choose the most relevant and attractive images from the preliminary images generated. The algorithm takes several factors into account, such as image quality, relevance to the descriptive text and consistency with the training material as a whole.

4. Finalising the images

Once the images have been selected, MyImageGPT refines them to make them even more attractive and professional. In particular, the tool can adjust the brightness, contrast, colours and composition of the images.

5. Layout of training material

Finally, MyImageGPT has a page layout tool that allows trainers to arrange images and text in a harmonious and effective way. The tool offers a variety of layout options, enabling trainers to create materials that are visually appealing and easy to read.


MyImageGPT represents a major advance in the creation of training materials. This artificial intelligence tool saves trainers time, enables them to create visually attractive and personalised materials, and makes training more accessible to everyone. If you're looking for a simple and effective way to simplify the design of your training materials, MyImageGPT is the ideal solution for you.